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Trig Turthers -- ENOUGH ALREADY!

Media whore, Sarah Palin weighs in once again with yet another facebook 'press release' claiming there is "a sickness and darkness in today's liberal media" while trying to make it seem liberals were conspiring against her to publish the 'true story of Trig's birth', based upon a muckraking news release from Tucker Carlson's 'Daily Caller', a right wing website. Tucker's non-story of another non-story, already widely discredited by both the right and left, was about an alleged conspiracy by liberal journalists on 'Journolist', a media mail list server, to spread the story about supposed anomalies with the birth of her son Trig.

Wrote Ezra Klein who was the now-shuttered listserv's founder [admonishing a few independent journalists who were considering running with the story of the alleged controversy surround Trig's birth] : "Seriously, folks? Best case scenario, what's your outcome here: Her daughter, hounded by the tabloids, breaks down that it was her child, and her mother heroically took on the burden and welcomed the disabled boy as one of her own? Palin's relationship with her children -- however they may have come to her -- strikes me as pretty far out of bounds. By all accounts she's a wonderful mother, and devoted to her fifth son. Leave this be."

This is your evil, liberal, lame stream media controversy, Sarah? Here you have a member of the so called 'liberal media' telling his peers in the industry that it is out of bounds (because in my opinion it is). As I've said often times to otherwise normal people who seem to be aligning themselves with the 'Trig Truthers', what difference does it make? What laws did she break? The story of the circumstances surrounding Trig's birth already show her to have bad judgment, but WE ALREADY KNEW THAT, right? Some already think her a dishonest liar and batshit crazy. Proving this conspiracy theory makes her what? More of a liar? More batshit crazy? Thus why I keep saying to the 'Trig Truthers' their 'story' is a waste of time, and even professional 'liberal' journalists have said the same. Now I am saying the same, on the record, on this blog -- not just on facebook in discussions amongst friends.

All this alleged controversy does is provide her MORE FUEL TO PLAY THE VICTIM and keep a high profile in the media by allowing her to come out with yet another batshit crazy facebook press release claiming the liberal media is conspiring against her! Some 'Trig Truthers' may now point to my attitude making ME part of the conspiracy as well, but to what end? For what reason? To curry favor from Sarah herself? To get paid by Sarah for coming out on her side? If you think that then you obviously haven't read ANYTHING on this blog nor do you know ANYTHING about me and my position on Sarah Palin. Nor the fact that I'm firmly on the side of the children both Trig and Trip, as I've written in this blog. Nobody pays me anything for my opinion here OR on facebook and I don't care one whit what Sarah thinks about me. I imagine she doesn't even have any awareness about me, my opinion or even this blog.

Bottom line -- it doesn't matter. What do 'Trig Truthers' hope to prove? That Sarah herself is participating in her own conspiracy to cover up the details of Trig's birth? So what? We already have a signed statement from Sarah's doctor stating that she delivered Trig from Sarah. So what -- have them produce a birth certificate? Are you serious? What are you, teabagging 'Birthers' demanding Obama produce his birth certificate? Trig isn't even running for office and is only peripherally a public figure due to his mother and her position as a former politician and public figure. By continuing to pursue this story as some sort of conspiracy, all you are doing is keeping Sarah in the news for the stupidest of reasons and she gets to continue to play the victim! So please just stop it. Report on her real ethical lapses and any real violations of actual laws. Please stop allowing her to have a platform from which to promote her further craziness. Because after all, how can we make her go away if you keep bringing her back for the stupidest of reasons?



  1. Just for the record, Laz, Sarah's doctor never signed a statement or said that she "delivered Trig from Sarah" or anything to that effect.

  2. The story of interest is the story she herself tells about the "wild ride" and the birth of Trig. If that's not prima facia evidence that she would be unfit to govern in any sort of crisis, then nothing is. Who in their right mind (indeed) could possibly defend her irresponsible choices, and then contend that this shows judgment fit for national office? The person who put the life of her unborn child at risk, having her finger on the nuclear button? God help US.
    I'm of the opinion that SP herself keeps the Trig Truther story alive, because it keeps the focus on whether or not the child is actually hers, and deflects attention away from the insane decions that led to his birth.

  3. Enjay in E MT7/29/2010 1:09 PM

    By some, I would be a Trig Truther, because I want the real story behind his birth, not the publicized Palin fairytale, who not only talks the talk but raised on the political platform for walking the walk.

    Trig matters only in relationship to the half term governor's story, which if true tells the tale of:

    (1) a pitbull hockey super mom who can prevent the birth of a child by sheer will power until she finishes her speech, checks out of hotel, gets to the airport, flies to NW Washington, waits 2 hrs between planes, flies to Anchorage, hauls luggage to vehicle, passes by nearest & better equipped hospital to a small facility not staffed for "high risk patients"

    (2) a woman who believes woman should NOT have a choice because all human life is sacred (including from rape & incest) yet who attempted a late term "miscarriage" by failing to seek medical attention when "common sense" would say "get to a physician"

    IF the Palins adopted Trig - why make up a fantasy story of the wild ride - (and possibly fake pregnancy) just say so. "Trig joined our family through a closed adoption and understand you will respect our family's privacy in the matter"

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  5. (Previous one removed to correct spelling-grrr.)

    Yes. Her doctor did. I saw the signed statement from her doctor on another progressive Alaskan blog. Sarah produced it as proof in lieu of providing an actual birth certificate because frankly Trig isn't running for office and shouldn't have to prove anything. He's a kid. It's out there. If you don't believe me, fine. You waste your time googling it. I already reported on it at the time the story originally happened. It is a further waste of time to try to prove what has already been proven at least to my satisfaction if not yours. Sorry.

    The argument that it shows she is unfit for office? That she is a liar? Or deceitful? Well DUH! We need more proof of that? The issue that she is irresponsible or displays poor judgment? Again -- DUH!

    Again, I'm just tired of people hammering me to join the ranks of the increasingly cult like 'Trig Truthers' because what is the point that wasn't already stated in this blog post or in my response here? To continue to push this story as anything new is simply to continue to allow her to use it as a tool for being a media whore.

    As progressives we should all be focusing on minimalizing her media exposure as much as possible. To continue to focus on the unimportant things when we should really be talking about her current campaign endorsement failures of any illegalities with SarahPAC disbursements is to waste your time dredging up the past -- a past that no one can change. Proactive progressive, not knee-jerk regressive.

    Go ahead and add the 'wild ride' story to the long list of proof that she isn't qualified to be in any office, but as a footnote rather than a highlight. Or go ahead and continue to prove you can be as batshit crazy as her by continuing to push the 'Trig Truther' story. Your choice. You don't need MY permission. Just PLEASE stop asking me to buy into the idea that it serves any useful purpose. Just my opinion. Just my two centavos.


  6. You are not alone Laz.

  7. You are mistaken. No progressive blog was ever given or published a signed statement from Dr CBJ saying she delivered the baby. If such a document had ever been shown on any blog, the Palinites would have downloaded it and link to it ad nauseum and you could link us to it now and tell us which blog it was. You are mistaken. It never happened.

  8. Enjay in E MT7/29/2010 2:45 PM

    IMHO - This is your blog and it is you right to debate or not debate an issue. In the long run -you are correct - it will not sway her supporters nor her critics.

    I must have misunderstood your point, asking the readers why the Trig story matters and why it doesn't "really matter" My apologies.

  9. no where in Dr Baldwin-Johnson's medical letter did she state that she attended the birth of Trig Palin A copy of the letter can be found in the side-bar on the Palingate site. You might want to reread it.

  10. In regards to the signed statement by the doctor-there's an old expression that goes "Paper will hold anything you put on it".(lol)

  11. Laz, I hope your claim to having seen "evidence" does NOT refer to the chaotic statement purported to have been signed by CBJ and passed off as Sarah Palin's "medical records" a few hours before the polling booths opened in 2008.

  12. Sorry, you are just wrong. This is as relevant as John Kerry's military record (or as any politician's military record).

  13. Oh, do you mean THIS letter:

    The letter that was photocopied onto a letterhead (and badly at that) and with an electronic signature that picks up the FP in the letters behind the name of Cathy Baldwin-Johnson? That letter?

    The letter that was analysed here:

    So, Laz, is this the letter that you set so much store by? Really?

  14. It matters because her claim to have knowingly carried a Downs Syndrome fetus to term established her political bona fides with the Right. That's it; that's all she had. And that is why she consistently carries him on her hip, facing outward, like a sack of potatoes with its label showing.

  15. To say this is nothing more than a lie is not addressing all of the legal ramifications if Trig is not Sarah's biological son.
    1) This may reveal falsified legal documents
    2) This may lead to a guilty plea by a doctor if she knowingly provided a false statement on a document regarding the identity of a child.
    3) This could reveal insurance fraud if the Palins made any insurance claims to cover the false pregnancy, delivery and pediatric care.
    4) If the Palins are receiving state health benefits or other benefits for Trig's condition under the guise that he's their biological son, that's financial fraud. Yes adoptive parents are eligible but not if they forged documents and didn't declare Trig as their adoptive child.
    5) If they did adopt Trig, was it a legal adoption?
    6) What are the psychological effects of this horrendous lie to Sarah's children?

  16. The only person thus far that seems to 'get it' is Enjay.

    I've already said in the blog post and in my previous comment, I still don't get why it matters. Sarah is still an idiot, still unqualified for any office and I still stand by the statement that the issue is unprovable by either side of the debate. The only person who will ever REALLY know is Sarah herself.

    I wish I had the time to go back in time to that point for everyone, and rehash things I've already written here and commented upon on Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis or AK Muckraker or Shannyn's blog, but I don't -- and I won't because it is already out there and I still maintain this debate over whether Trig is or isn't Sarah's child is ultimately a waste of everyone's time. You are free to call bullshit on it but what do I have to gain by lying about my recollection of it? And again, why does it even matter? I am not hearing a compelling argument to convince me that it does. She didn't break any law. But you would only have to read more on this site to realize I am not a Palin supporter, nor her apologist. I am just someone who is tired of people using this issue as proof that Sarah isn't qualified to run or be in office, or that she is a liar or that the issue points to her lack of character and ethics. DUH! We get it already. I would say the vast majority of Americans get it.

    This blog post was originally written so that YOU, the people I call 'Trig Truthers' finally get it and move on with your lives. By continuing to focus on this issue and not on the illegalities and ethical difficulties she is having NOW, you only give more fuel to her "I'm a victim of a vast liberal conspiracy" schtick that she will continue to milk for sympathy and supporters. As she did today in her facebook 'press release' about the so called 'Journolist' conspiracy as pushed by right wing hack Tucker Carlson.

    All I am saying is get off the conspiracy theories or you will continue to have her around taking advantage of all her perceived persecutions at the hands of "pajama wearing, cheetoes eating bloggers who live in their parents basement". The less attention given to non-stories or stories of little or no real importance, the quicker all of America will forget her and the sooner we can all return to making real hope and real change possible for America.


  17. The last anonymous response before the previous comment makes some compelling arguments. However I cannot answer Maria since her .pdf to the letter at the LA Times seems to only error out. See my last comment. Keep digging for whatever relative truth you think is out there, but I still contend you are just wasting your time. I'll add one more: the only person who will ever really know is Sarah and God. And frankly I don't believe in either of them, but that doesn't matter either.


  18. You have the right to believe and post anything you want. I understand why you feel the way you feel. However, it would be nice if you would be so considerate as to remove this statement from your post;
    "We already have a signed statement from Sarah's doctor stating that she delivered Trig from Sarah. "

    Here is the link to the letter. When you have a chance, see if you think that statement is true.


  19. Sarah Palin is neither a political leader nor is she a stateswoman-- she is a political/commercial phenomenon. She is a new version of an old diversion-- a tool for those who wish to hold power through puppets and lies. SP is a lying puppet who is able to fool a small percentage of the electorate, but able to "interest" others. Everything about her "story" is a lie. BUT THE BIGGEST LIE IS THAT SHE BIRTHED TRIG. If the truth about this issue was more widely known, the hate filled tool that is Sarah Palin would be less useful to the puppet masters. That is why the Trig issue is important.

  20. Laz, can you provide a link to the doctor-signed statement (of delivering Trig), assuming you are referring to something other than the medical letter provided on the eve of the election? I've never heard of anything other than that election-eve letter. Thanks.
    Also, here are my thoughts on why this story is important:
    Sarah Palin has blatantly used Trig, and her purported decision to carry a fetus with Down's Syndrome to term, politically. During and since the presidential election. She has carted him all over the country, paraded him on stages, plastered him on magazine covers...I don't think there is much debate that Trig and the pro-life "decision" he represents are the foundation of her popularity with her supporters. This, in my opinion, makes the subject fair game for public scrutiny.
    And I agree with you that even if it were proven and revealed that she lied about the whole thing, her strongest supporters would not abandon her. However, there are a lot of people who think she gets a "bad rap", who are not "Palinbots" but still sympathize with her. These people WOULD be persuaded by such a revelation.
    We could argue that the sex lives of any number of male politicians are none of our business, starting with JFK and ending with the more recent John Edwards and that "Appalacian Trail" governor (brain fail on his name). Certainly, the information of whether or not Edwards fathered a child should be as "sacred" from public scrutiny as whether or not Palin "mothered" a child, right? Do you agree? :-)
    We definitely do not see nearly the controversy over digging for the truth of these men's lies and exploits as we have over Palin's possible lies. Not even close. The vast majority of people seem to consider the private lives of these male politicians "fair game" even when it involved bringing public attention and scrutiny to the lives of their infant and young children.
    So, why the special treatment for a woman politician?
    Finally, I don't think that the fact that pressing for the truth in this matter riles up Palin's base is a good reason for not doing it. In fact, it's a really bad reason, if you are a good investigative journalist.

  21. I got/read that LATimes pdf just fine.

  22. Laz, I copied and pasted that link to the letter and it works for me:

    But here's another. Go to the Documents section on this page and click on the first one, 'letter':

    BTW I find it very curious that this letter does not mention the two miscarriages that SP referred to in her book 'Going Rogue'.

    Another curious point... if she was seeing a doctor during her pregnancy, and submitting claims for her visits, why was it necessary for the Benefits Section Division in Juneau to remind her by email on May 21, 2008 that she had not yet submitted the verification documents of her new child. I understand that a birth certificate is only required in the case of an adopted baby.

  23. It matters, not because Sarah is a cheat and a liar- that's common enough- but because it shows she's batshit crazy. She could have adopted and asked the public to respect the privacy of the birth mother. I know adopting a grandchild used to be more commonly done to protect one's child's reputation, but the fact that she tossed Bristol under the bus at the RNC shows that she wasn't in the least concerned about Bristol's reputation. She came up with this batshit plan to give her some prolife cred and that got her the VP nom, since the RNC wasn't going to allow Leiberman to be the VP candidate.

    Every time anybody says "it doesn't matter" she gets away with it.

    You dig up and distribute the dirt on the other issues: I'm sticking with Babygate. Aside from everything else, there's at least one, probably two, babies involved... and nobody asked their willingness to participate.

    Some might think it callous to use infants for political gain. Me, I think it shows she's batshit crazy, as I said.


  24. "By continuing to focus on this issue and not on the illegalities and ethical difficulties she is having NOW, you only give more fuel to her "

    There is no other issue that punches Palin's buttons and brings a reaction that suggests she's mentally unstable than any reference to the Trig story. You should push the buttons you think are important. But why scold others for pushing a button that gets an over-reaction from her every time. The way she over-reacts is not helping her. I submit that Palin's resignation, her refusal to face the press in an unscripted forum and her and her family's disfunctional behavior are because she is terrified the truth about Trig will be found out. Every other issue - ethics, lack of experience, shady deals - seems to roll off her back, and get dismissed with a wave of the hand. It's any reference to the Trig issue that gets an aggressive over-response. The people in the JournoList emails overwhelmingly were advocating to leave the story alone. Palin should have thanked them for showing good judgement. Instead she attacked them. I think what we're seeing is the breakdown of her psyche, and her family, under the stress of keeping a really big secret. YMMV. Finally, you truly are mistaken, the doctor has never stated or written she saw the baby come out of Sarah Palin.

  25. When she was governor your taxes paid this woman and instead of governing her home state, she took the time to fly to Indiana to retell Trig's birth story to raise money for pro-life causes.

    She continues to tell this story (as in Going Rogue) and she continues to promote pro-life agenda based on it. As long as she keeps doing this I think its fair game to question her on the wild ride and the choices she made. After all, isn't that what she is trying to deny other women? The right to make individual, private choices about their body? How come she gets to make it a personal issue that can't be questioned but can legislate and fundraise to tell other women what to do with theirs.

  26. You have every right to defend what you wish to write or print on your blog, however, if you choose not to pursue the story about the truth behind Trig's birth, that is also your right. The real problem is that the truth is unknown and yet what really propelled Palin to the top of the list of female Republican women for the V.P. position? Was it her service as Mayor of a town of 5k people? No. Was it her 1.5 years as Governor of the 3rd least populated state in the country? No. It was her claim to have given birth to her son despite finding out via amniocentesis that he would be born with Down Syndrome. It gave her the standing among the Christian Fundies that McCain needed desperately otherwise, they would not be voting at all. Because of this and because of Palin's repeated use of Trig in speech after speech, regaling the audience with details of her pregnancy, she has made this an issue. If he had been presented with her family at the convention only, rather than brought out at one campaign stop afer another, held up for all the voters to see as proof of her pro-life stance and beliefs, this story would have faded from the news. However, when it just so happens that Palin announces a pregnancy, that she kept hidden, the day after McCain secures the nomination, when nobody can even tell she is pregnant despite the announcement, when the details surrounding her going into labor and giving birth are so extreme that not a woman I know would have taken those chances nor a physician I know, would have recommended doing what Palin did, she makes it a matter of public interest. While I believe she loves the controversy surrounding the birth of Trig and uses it to complain and further her persecution complex, she also believes that the truth will never come to light, whatever it may be. If she wishes to be taken seriously with every word she says, with her complaints about our President, then we have every right to question what she says and does. It is not up to us to decide what lies can remain hidden and unchecked because some might be more uncomfortable than others, we need to know the truth about everything she has kept hidden from the "dairy she gave her friends" to "her son, Trig, who she allegedly gave birth to".

    You don't have to research or publish anything on here that you are unconmfortable with but to compare any of this with Orly Taitz and the birther conspiracy regarding our President, who has shown his birth certificate, to Sarah Palin, who could end all these questions with a release of a few documents that would reveal medical details that would be indisputable. Until she either removes herself from the mainstream of everyday politics and no longer expects to be taken seriously, or she tells the truth along with proof of the same, she is subject to investigation by anyone who chooses to do so.


    I will address whatever issues I feel I need to in a new blog post. Commentary for this post is cut off. It has become the precise sort of emotional ridiculousness I figured it would become.

    I did publish all the comments I had received up to the morning of Friday, July 30, 2010. Because I don't want anyone claiming I am prohibiting debate. But you miss the point entirely for me because there isn't anything in my mind to debate. I am sorry you cannot understand that and you are prompting me to again waste my time addressing the concerns of the unwashed 'Trig Truther' and 'Trig Deniers' masses. So I will. In another blog post.