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Damning with not so faint praise...

So yeah. This is my little corner of blogosphere hell. There is no cheetoes dust on the keyboard as I'm more of a multigrain sunchips kind of guy. And no I am not posting from my parent's basement. It's mostly quiet around here (OMFGAlaska) with not many people poking about because I've never really promoted anything. I just came here in the past to spout and weep, to wail and gnash my teeth -- to spew across the page in the grand reeking tradition of Hunter S. Thompson, but with less prescription drugs and gunplay, of course.

But I had an idea about staying away from the fray and working alone. They're my rants -- who would want to read them? I write as a form of therapy. Comedy. Hyperbole. Grand pseudo-grecian political tragedies. Sarcasm. Whatever. Get the writing itch bugging you out of your head and onto the screen all stealthy, spontaneous and stream of consciousness-like. Boom! Move along.

Besides who else in Anchorage has the audacity to claim they're a "progressive Republic" (my new tribute to Meg -- lopping off the 'can' in Republican because clearly most of the hard line neocons CAN'T) and mingle amongst the intellectuals and glitterati of BOTH parties? Maybe even pal around with Libertarians? Have friends who have run as AIP candidates or Green candidates? Scandalous, no?

"Having taken no position, one has no position to defend..." - me, years ago

So in my case, the 'R' behind my name signifies I'm getting old and the older I get the crankier I become. Fiscally conservative. Straight but not narrow. Big fan of open and transparent government of, by and FOR the people. Wish we had one. On just about every other point I am fluid.

"In the battle between water and rock, rock is strong, water soft. Given enough time water flows over rock, gently chipping away. Eventually for both it is fully realised as an exercise in pounding sand." - me

Anyhow, I'm sort of glad Shannyn 'outed' what used to be my mostly private little blogger hell. But I begin anew comments-wise. There were half a dozen or so, all positive and for that I say a collective thanks. I didn't publish them because this blog is NOT about ego stroking. It's about having a voice and the action of using it.


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